Ficorp offers a full range of language services for businesses.

Software Localization Services:

  • Windows resource file
  • Java properties bundles
  • Help files
  • HTML help
  • Custom file types for your application
  • Readme and other documentation
  • Javascript and other web source files

Document Translation Services:

  • Text files
  • Desktop Publishing (inDesign, Acrobat)
  • Image translation (Illustrator, Photoshop)


  • Globalization practices
  • Designing for localizability
  • Writing basic English for translatability
  • How to localize proprietary formats
  • Database design for multi-lingual use

Other translation:

  • E-mail
  • Phone interpreting
  • Other file types

Quality Software Development Practices

Localization is part of the product development cycle, and it must meet the same quality standards as the base product.
Ficorp, Inc. treats each step of localization as a software development task, which implies:

  • Revision control of all modified code, including demonstration code.
  • Revision control of all translated documents, whether online or printed.
  • Documentation of all software changes.
  • Independent verifcation of all key translations.
  • Testing of all screens and input dialogs, using translated versions of original test scripts.
  • Translators selected based on experience with related products, and their work monitored closely for consistency and clarity.

Ficorp, Inc. is part of your team

  • Communication lines are always open, so that the development team knows the status of the project
  • Feedback to the development team assures continual improvement in the globalization process.
  • Copies of translated text are maintained at Ficorp, Inc. for consistency with past and future projects.
  • Ficorp, Inc. engineers are available for technical consultation throughout the project.
  • Continuing engineering is available to maintain localized code after release.


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