Globalization is Your Key to International Success

  • Globalize your product for the world
  • Localize it for a specific country

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Globalization Issues

  • High-volume consumer products require extensive localization, and their volumes justify the cost.
  • Low volume technical products can often be sold with less complete localization, because much of the documentation is for reference only, and the users are comfortable with English text.
  • Global readiness is the responsibility of the development team, and is a purely engineering effort that does not require language skills


Example Elements for Localization:

  • Screen Prompts
  • User Responses
  • Help Files
  • Error Messages
  • User Manuals
  • Keyboard Compatibility
  • Setup Files
  • Initialization Files
  • “ReadMe” Files
  • Technical Manuals

The Localization Process

Ficorp, Inc. works with clients to make the localization process a success. The steps are:

  • Define aspects of your software which could be localized, and suggest localization strategies based on your expected sales.
  • Create a product schedule for the localization process, including benchmarks and dates.
  • Provide professional native translators who have recently lived in target countries.
  • Work closely with translators to solve difficulties as they arise, and to maintain consistency.
  • Consult with your design team on factors which ease the localization process.
  • Help define a truly global product which does not need to change from language to language.
  • Prove target language testing.

Examples of other items that typically require localization:

Item English Language
Other Language
Screen prompts File name Nom de fichier
Error Messages Error: File not found Erreur: Fichier absent
Help Screens English translated
Currency Format $425.00 555 DM
Date/Time Display 9/16/94 16.9.94
Page Sizes 8.5 x 11″ Din A4
Dimensional Systems English Metric
Standard Sizes (e.g.Wrenches) 3/4″ 19 mm
Sorting Order
– Case sensitive ABC…XYZabc… AÄB…XYZaäb…
– Case insensitive AaBbCc AaÄäBb
Accents, diacritics 7-bit ASCII 8 bit ASCII for ç é ñ, double-byte
Text entry direction Left-to-right only Bi-directional (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew)
Font handling As typed Context sensitive (Arabic)

Full Service Webpage Translations

Ficorp, Inc. has a wealth of experience in bringing you to the world. Expand your horizons beyond the English-speaking world.

We provide:

A global network of professional translators and a wide range of in-house linguistic skills.
Technical expertise with the latest web technologies.
Real-world experience in the inner workings of the software industry for twenty-five years

Everything you need to create a global WWW presence.

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