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Quality and performance without the hassle for any language.

Welcome to Ficorp, Inc., your source for professional software localization and translation services, including multi-lingual desktop publishing.

Providing exceptional technical and linguistic support for small to medium sized clients, as well as translations for any language and subject.  Clients appreciate our personalized, single point of contact which provides consistency and continuity project after project.

Also offering desktop publishing support to help clients create and translate documents into complex languages such as Arabic and Hindi.

We bring over 20 years’ experience as specialists in globalizing and localizing software packages, documents, and websites.

Ficorp is committed to making life easier for clients, from free quotes on any type of project to final delivery, testing, and product updates. With Ficorp you can be confident that your product works as designed in whatever language/locale we provide. We would be privileged to apply our experience and expertise for your benefit, and to help you achieve your project goals on-time, on-budget, and on-target.

For a free consultation or to request a quote, click on Contact us or send e-mail to info “at”

About Us

What is Unique about Ficorp?

  • We bring a thorough understanding of the software development process, both from the development and end-user perspectives, developed over many years of successful product development.
  • We use professional translators from the target countries, ensuring region-appropriate translations
  • We have years of experience successfully working with client’s overseas subsidiaries

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Software Localization

Some of the Services we Provide:

  • Localize Glossaries and Manuals
  • Localize Websites
  • Localize and Globalize Software Packages and Suites
  • Document Translation, including text, advertising, marketing, and other documents in a wide array of supported formats from leading software publishers

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Translation Services

Featured Benefits:

  • A global network of professional translators and a wide range of in-house linguistic skills.
  • Technical expertise with HTML authoring, CGI processing, Java and Java Script programming, PERL, Shellscripts and more.
  • Real-world experience in the inner workings of the software industry for twenty-five years.

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